The Production Line

Now with a dust collector, the Chipper is a beast!

First Step

Raw hardwood pallets go into the first machine, the Chipper. It’s a beast. It smashes the pallets into chopped wood pieces like a T Rex smashing a dunny. A magnet separates all the metal nails and brackets which later get taken to Hackham Recycling.

Casey with the soundproof Crusher (and a Pie)

Second Step

The wood pieces are conveyed to the Crusher. This thing is a weapon, too! It turns all the big pieces of wood into sawdust.  Makes more noise than a 747 jet, but it is housed in a soundproof bunker to keep the neighbours happy (hi Sonya and Steve)

Smoking hot! Logs coming out of the piston press

Third Step

Sawdust is conveyed into a hopper and then delivered into the Piston Press.  Imagine a steam train engine with two bores sticking out of it. It makes a wonderful whumping sound as the pistons force the sawdust into the bores, it gets hot, the natural lignin in the wood forms a skin around the tubes, and voila! You have logs sliding out like toothpaste ready for cutting and cooling.

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