The Premises

A 15 x 40m shed at 6 metres high with 3 phase was not easy to find so a purpose-built site was required. Heidi and Adam bought a block of land in Hackham’s industrial zone and got SA Power Networks on board to connect 200 amps of power. They learned that patience is a virtue.

Mick and his team (“Mick Constructs It”) did a fantastic job laying the concrete slab. 

Mick Constructs It team laying our huge slab
Casey was impressed

The shed construction took place over the next 3 years.  Heidi and Adam undertook this work themselves with their forklift, scissor lift and Adam’s head for heights being major assets. Heidi was not a major asset for much of this work, even managing to fall into a footings hole and knock over Adam’s drill press which was never the same again.

Crane hire for the roof trusses
The Forklift Three, Adam, Heidi and the Nissan
Roof panels were huge and so was the scissor lift
Adam finishing the south wall
Energy Buster were very professional

The solar panels were another great SA company collaboration, Energy Buster installed 82kw on the new roof in December 2020. Fortunately, they knew what they were doing and nobody fell into, or off, anything.

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