Frequently Asked Questions

What are the logs made of?

The Cleanwood logs are made of compressed sawdust with no added chemicals.

How are the logs made?

We have a production line to crush, dry and compress the raw material which results in uniform logs. The compression takes place in a mechanical stamping briquette machine.

How big are they?

Each log is 8-9cm in diameter and about 25-30cm long.

How well do they burn?

The Cleanwood logs burn as well as any firewood and actually produce more heat.  There is very little ash residue and hardly any smoke.

How much does it cost?

And here’s the good news!  Even though Cleanwood comes with so many great benefits over regular wood fuel, it is not more expensive. In fact, when you’re talking heat output per dollar, our wood is cheaper!

Check out our Prices & Delivery page for more details.

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