Wood Heating for the 21st Century with CLEANWOOD

Let me ask you something.  Did you ever think that the whole process of wood burning for heating is a bit … well, old fashioned?  All the mess it makes?  The nuisance of getting the wood and the double–handling, stacking it up somewhere dry?  Not to mention getting the fire actually lit, in a clean grate, with the right kindling?  And did you ever wonder, in these days of conservation awareness, “Is it wrong to be burning up trees willy nilly?”

Well of course it is.  Because it’s the 21st century.  So we are very excited to bring to Adelaide the concept of (drum roll please): Cleanwood – wood heating that’s truly clean, efficient and environmentally friendly.

There is now absolutely no need to cut down trees in NSW, and then transport them to SA for burning in our wood stoves and chimeneas.  (On what planet does that make any sense anyway?)

Neither do you need to deal with the mess from a tonne of firewood dumped in your driveway or logs rolling around in your car.

Adelaide friends – you don’t have to harbour snakes or redbacks in the woodshed!  Or have a log-splitter, or wield an axe.  You don’t even need kindling come to that.  Imagine – no need for kindling!

And thanks to Cleanwood there is now definitely no need to spoil our beautiful fresh Adelaide air with tonnes of unhealthy, polluting wood smoke.

Finally – your days on your hands and knees with the shovel and bucket are over.  Hardly any ash. And our Cleanwood logs burn as well as anything else.  Loads of heat.  Long-lasting.  Lovely flames and glowing embers.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it isn’t.  This amazing technology is already in use in Canberra, Perth and NSW.  And overseas – in a really big way.  Click on the links below for more info – wood briquettes are definitely the way forward.

Eco Friendly

Recycled & Renewable

100% Australian – Made in SA

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